Capture the Caribbean Market to Grow Your Bottom Line

At first glance, the Caribbean market may seem too fragmented and geographically complex to warrant a dedicated sales staff. But with the expertise and energy Del Valle Brands (DVB) offers, major brand managers have discovered how to tap the region for significant growth. Here are some of the ways we help our clients secure and maintain market share.

Personal Relationships Are Vital

How does DVB manage to execute strategies that are logistically impractical for many brands? The answer lies in the 26 years that our team has been active in this vast market. The Caribbean covers a million square miles and includes 27 countries where five main languages and multiple dialects are spoken. To some marketers, these seem like insurmountable barriers to succeeding in the region. But because our grocery and pharmaceutical reps live in the countries where they work, they have patiently developed relationships with trade of every description and size, from superstores to the smallest bodegas. Personal trust and connections are important in every business, but in the Caribbean, their value is magnified.

Steeped in first-hand knowledge of the tastes and traditions that make each culture unique, and by delivering daily the customer service and quality products to every store, we generate sales opportunities for our clients in ways that are not practical for them to tackle on their own. DVB becomes a laser-focused extension of each clients’ sales and marketing operations, tapping into regions that seem too remote or sparsely populated to address. But our team knows this region, the cultures, and the people inside out. With managers specializing in territories around the Bahamas, St. Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago, DVB constantly scrutinizes the opportunities as well as the challenges–including the competition. With our exceptional market intelligence and insight, we are able to position and service each brand to reach each client’s marketing goals.

Market Scale Exists–When Every Opportunity Is Identified and Pursued

DVB’s local teams keep clients’ brands connected permanently with consumers to create sustained long term benefits and significant market share growth. With on-the-ground people in every country from Anglophile Bermuda and the Bahamas, to Dutch-influenced Aruba and Curacao, to the Spanish- and French-speaking countries and everywhere in between, we know which products each culture prefers and desires, and as well as the timing and quantities involved.

We Supply Peace of Mind

The challenges of doing business in a region of fluctuating economies and multiple currencies has deterred some from focusing on the Caribbean markets. These concerns are real. But when situations such as political turmoil in one country, or a petroleum price drop in another, temporarily limit a country’s access to U.S. dollars, we buffer our clients from financial liability. DVB’s clients enjoy stress-free bottom-line growth with no collections and credit headaches, because we handle billing and collections. They benefit from the financial liquidity that lets us reliably guarantee payments.

To learn what DVB can do for your brand’s market penetration and bottom line, contact us here.