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MYTHS about the CARIBBEAN MARKET’s Potential

Misconceptions Vanish When You Partner with Del Valle Brands.

MYTH: The region’s 27 countries are too fragmented to manage markets profitably.

TRUTH: Reaching customers who are spread across a million-square-mile territory that’s mostly water is a daunting prospect. Consisting not only of the islands in the Caribbean Sea but also of the mainland territories of Belize, Suriname, Guyana, and French Guiana, populations are relatively small, yet the region’s customer base well worth tapping into.

Members of our experienced merchandising force—30 on-the-ground reps and six sales managers–travel to all the major stores daily, and to smaller locations weekly. They work with the brand managers in our Miami headquarters to identify and take advantage of merchandising opportunities of every description and size. Low hanging fruit is nice, be we know how to pluck sales for our clients from remote, hard-to-reach locations, too.

MYTH: The variety of languages, legal systems, and cultural traditions are too much to decipher. It’s more profitable to let that business go.

TRUTH: While the linguistic and cultural traditions in a country may stretch back centuries, as demonstrated in the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking populations, an understanding of the cultural diversity is a real advantage for tuned-in brand managers. Seasons change and holidays come and go in the rich tapestry of national heritages in the region. Today’s Caribbean consumers remain deeply loyal to products and brands that are popular in the countries where their families have roots. They love the flavors and goods they have known for generations. DVB’s reps live in the countries where they work and are personally familiar with these cultures. For us, the forecasting, ordering and distribution of seasonal as well as basic products are always accurate and timely.

Personal relationships and extraordinary attention to detail are the best routes to sustained business growth. That is why our team members make regular visits to every outlet — from supermarkets to bodegas — making sure that products are delivered on schedule in the desired quantities, and are properly shelved and priced. When a particular festival is coming up, DVB’s team anticipate a surge in demand for certain specialties and make sure the stock is on the shelves. Our team is on the ground all year long, year after year. We have taken decades to develop trusted contacts and connections so that our clients can reap the benefits.

MYTH: Ordering is disorganized and container-loads are too large for most markets

TRUTH: DVB’s warehousing and logistics methods allow brands to overcome the region’s perceived lack of market scale and shortage of computerized inventory control. When buyer and store owner are the same person, the ordering approach can be less than organized. But we work closely with owners and operators of businesses to ensure that a brand’s loyal consumers always find what they want on the store shelves.

To achieve economies of scale in terms of price, DVB consolidates orders destined for multiple countries. We receive shipments in our Miami hub, then repackage and distribute them in quantities that are just right for each store. Whether products must travel to their destinations by tractor trailer, by ship, or by seaplane, DVB has the knowledge and the resources to deliver them.

Misconceptions about the consumer products market in the Caribbean doom less-resourceful companies to ignore significant revenue-producing opportunities. Click here to start a conversation about partnering with Del Valle Brands to grow your business in the Caribbean today.

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